A conscious, holistic approach to early childhood education


Equal focus on the process of learning along with the learning outcomes helps us to make a valueable contribution towards child development. Our process of learning captures children's curiosity as a starting point and balances child-initiated and teacher scaffolded provision in an enabling environment. 

While we adopt best practices in early childhood education from around the world, we contextualise the same to meet the standards of our existing social contexts. Kids are provided with the best support materials 


Learning through play-based inquiry

Role play based learning enable children to learn concepts in an external learning environment.

When children play they are exploring experimenting and problem solving with others.

Our educators are trained to create such learning opportunities that allow children to build on their curiosity and conduct investigations that help them learn about the world around.


Building Relationships

Learning happens when children feel safe, secure and supported at school. Our educators are empowered to create learning environment where all children feel comfortable in expressing their ideas and feel valued in the classroom community.


Parents as partners

Parents play an active role in helping educators to know more about the child. Thereby help the educator to come up a unique response system, which is best suited towards the development of the the child


Physical Environment as Facilitator

At Kids Atelier, the look and feel of each learning station is carefully thought through and provided with materials and tools arranged in a manner that encourages children to explore and create.

Our Programs

Parent Toddler Program


Our responsive playgroup program, designed for children aged 24 to 36 months, is the first independent adventure for children. The program is designed to encourage the growth of independence, social awareness, sensory skills, and language acquisition in children. The group meets for 2.5 hours everyday from Monday to Friday.

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Parent Toddler Program

Lower Kindergarten

Our Pre-K program is designed for children aged 2.5 to 3.5 years. Children spend four hours a day at school immersed in active and purposeful learning across different areas including literacy, math, science, art and design, and pretend play. Our Pre-K curriculum is designed to encourage a balance of child initiated and educator facilitated activities. It offers children a variety of choices within a carefully prepared indoor and outdoor environment.

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Parent Toddler Program

Upper Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten program recognizes that children will soon be entering grade-school; hence it is vital that we equip them with the resources needed to succeed in school. Our program is based on the belief that children are competent learners who are eager to explore the world around them. The program runs for about 5.5 hours everyday wherein educators work collaborate with children to generate a program that meets curricular outcomes while engaging children in their interests and talents. In this approach, the educator becomes a co-constructor of knowledge along with the child and designs units and projects that children are interested in working on.

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